4 Techniques Women Are Using During Making Love

What makes the act itself, let’s say, wonderful is the poetic communication that is established between the bodies involved. As one of the millions of ways we express ourselves, sex remains an important object of research for scientists.

Much of the research on the subject has already become a little boring, after all, this and that are constantly repeated. However, new research has revealed something new – and quite interesting, by the way. And what could be so interesting about sex in 2021? Techniques. That’s right, techniques.

According to a report carried out by the portal HuffPost, recently, a group of scientists discovered that women are using – and frequently – four techniques to increase pleasure during vaginal penetration. The novelty came to light with the publication of the second “pleasure report”, released by the instructional website OMGYES.

Also according to the portal’s report, the researchers reached such a conclusion after conducting a survey of more than 3,000 American women, aged between 18 and 93. During the study, women were asked how they tend to increase their own pleasure during sex. .

The study basically focused on vaginal penetration and most respondents identified themselves as heterosexual. After analyzing the responses of all those involved in the study, the researchers came face to face with the following techniques:


Yes, the term, at first glance, sounds comical, but it’s perfect for an analogy. During the study, nearly 90% of respondents said they use “angulation”. In a nutshell, this angulation encompasses movements that involve raising or lowering the pelvis – and hips – during vaginal penetration. Here, in this case, the movement is made to adjust a sex toy or penis when it comes into contact with the vagina.


We agree! We agree! The term also sounds ironic, but, once again, it’s ingenious. Look at this… approximately 84% of women, who participated in the new study, revealed that vaginal penetration is more pleasurable when the act takes place at the entrance of the vagina, that is, in the “shallow”.


About 76% of respondents said they increase their own pleasure during vaginal penetration through “swinging”, where the base of a penis, or sex toy , rubs against the clitoris during penetration, getting completely inside the vagina, rather than of pushing and taking.


This is the last technique on the scientists’ list. Here, the word also refers to a movement, which only occurs when both bodies – the woman’s and her partner’s – are parallel. With the position, one pushes upwards and the other downwards, but without ungluing the body. It is, in a nutshell, a kind of friction – or, more commonly, a rub/scrub.


Okay, the techniques might not even look new. However, what surprised the researchers was the fact that almost all 3,000 women used the same word to define what they like most during sex. This language shows that all women can communicate more easily with each other, without having to explain in detail each process that gives them more pleasure.

“Holistic approaches to sexual health increasingly emphasize the positive contributions that sexual pleasure – especially for women – makes to lifelong physical, social and emotional well-being,” the researchers explain.

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